7 Matcha Recipes we love to make (Chart)

7 Matcha Recipes we love to make (Chart)

For home cooks and food lovers like us, we love incorporating tea and getting creative with our food. Tea is so versatile and is so much more than just a hot drink. Whether the tea is in powder or loose-leaf form, there are many interesting ways to infuse them with your food—from poaching to pulverizing them as rub marinades to baking desserts. They can add floral, fruity, smoky, or spicy notes to your food.

With Matcha being in powder form, it’s so much easier to incorporate them in both savory food and desserts. They can be added in liquids, creams, or other dry ingredients, like flour, for baking.

Tip: While we recommend Culinary Grade Matcha for cooking & baking, we do prefer using a high-quality Culinary grade. There is a LARGE SPECTRUM of varying qualities within Culinary grade, so the color can look anywhere from a disappointing yellow-brown to a nice decent green, and the taste can also vary from bitter to pleasant. When purchasing Matcha, do look out for reliable vendors that specialize in Matcha that provide or can provide more details about it.




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