Romancing Pomegranate, Rosewater & Hibiscus Cooler

Romancing Pomegranate, Rosewater & Hibiscus Cooler

It’s pomegranates season here (which typically run from October through February)–and we can’t help but get a few kilos of these beautiful enormous big ruby reds, cherished around the world, for centuries, for their health benefits, taste & cultural significance.

Pomegranates have been an exotic fruit for me. Historically, they’ve been around for 8,000 years, with origins spanning from the Himalayas and Iran; and cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region. Today it remains a staple in the Middle East & the Mediterranean.  We see them incorporated in many Arabic dishes from salads, rice pilafs, hummus, chicken liver (with pomegranate molasses) to syrups and juices. I love the sweet, crisp tartness it brings against the savory flavors.

Today, pomegranates have become a popular superfood due to their potent antioxidant properties & medicinal properties. Some say it’s probably the healthiest juice on the planet. Check out the health benefits here: 

So, we’ve decided to pair this gorgeous superfood with Hibiscus, also called Roselle, dried flowers from Thailand. This is another super plant known for their medicinal properties–such as treating hypertension, lowering blood pressure, aiding weight loss, cough & colds and acts as a sports drink substitute. Can’t think of a better powerhouse drink combination that’s delicious, thirst quenching & beautiful, at the same time. With a touch of rosewater–we’ve just elevated that regional unexpected experience to something gourmet! Delicate and floral with a punch. It’s a gorgeous unparalleled drink. No sugar or sweetener added. Genius.


  • 1 very big whole Pomegranate (yields 1-1.5 cup of Pomegranate seeds)
  • 2 cups of brewed Hibiscus tea, room temperature
  • 1 tbsp of Rosewater

(No sugar or sweeteners added)

Serves: 3 cups


1. Using a knife, cut your pomegranate in quarters and submerge in a bowl filled with water.
2. Remove the seeds underwater and discard the peels & skin of the pomegranate fruit. Then, strain the water and put the seeds into your blender.
3. Add 2 cups of brewed Hibiscus Tea (room temperature) and 1 tbsp. of rosewater.
4. Blend and strain. Serve with ice and garnish with orange wedges and rosemary.


We’ve used rosewater for this recipe instead of rose essence, which is much more concentrated. If you only have rose essence, we reckon 1 tsp. of rose essence can substitute for 2 tablespoons of rosewater. You can also substitute this rose floral water with orange blossom or jasmine. However, we’re really loving the pair with rose water.
Depending on where you reside, you can find rosewater or rosewater essence in big supermarkets or Indian & Middle Eastern grocer.

Source: Made originally by yv et té. 

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Made by : Yvette A.

Posted on August 2018