How to make traditional Matcha (Chart)

How to make traditional Matcha (Chart)

Matcha is one of our favorite superfoods rich in antioxidants. It has become our daily morning ritual. Here’s our quick step-by-step guide on how to make traditional Matcha. Remember to take your time, set your intentions, and savor your bowl of green goodness. You can adjust the portions to your liking. いただきます!

When preparing traditional Matcha, we recommend using Ceremonial Matcha and traditional teaware. However, if you don’t have the Chawan (Matcha bowl) or Chasen (Bamboo Whisk), you can use an electric frother. Just be mindful that the metal can scratch the surface of your bowl or mug. If there’s one tool investment worth considering, it would be the bamboo whisk. We haven’t found any tool that can match the function of a bamboo whisk, which has been traditionally used for a thousand years. It breaks up the lumps, creates the suspension of the Matcha, aerates the liquid with a velvety cream, and allows the aromas to open.

Tip: Remember that Matcha is not water-soluble and won’t dissolve if it’s just stirred with a spoon. It needs to be suspended in water–so the bamboo whisk is essential in upholding the powder in suspension, while the frothing process aerates the water, which affects the flavor.

Note: Steps 3 & 4 are optional (i.e. using a sieve & creating a paste), but we do recommend at least one of these steps to avoid lumps and ensure a smooth drink.